We now offer above ground pools

Now introducing our newest line of products, above ground pools by Carvin and Intex! We are always doing our best to meet the needs of every customer, and we really feel that bringing in these lines will do just that. Carvin Pools surpass any visual expectations you may have, with their sleek and modern exterior. This Canadian pool is not only stunning but built to last with its high-quality walls and heavy-duty resin frame. You will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood with a Carvin Pool as your yard's centerpiece.

Looking for something not so permanent

Try out an Intex Pool! Intex is the leading contender in easy set pools, and with a very wide variety of options you will surely find something that is exactly what your lifestyle needs. Our store will now be the go-to spot for all Intex pools, parts and accessories!

Above Ground pools

Above Ground Pool

Intex Above Ground Pool


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