Mark Bennett

"I would recommend Paquette Pools to everyone for all openings and closings and anything else in between. They are professional, and well knowledged. They won’t give you a “Run Around” on any issues. I go from Bedford to them for all my chemicals. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

Howard Anderson

"Experienced and attentive, got my pool up and running with expert advice and fast service."

Robert Yelle Sr.

"My super pump 1.5 hp pool motor died and when I called the store they quickly let me know they had them in stock and I could pick one up. Bud quickly swapped over my pump housing and I had it all up and running again within an hour. Buds candor was perfect, the man is pleasant and professional while also being extremely helpful. He also gave us a great tip. The vacuum hoses have a swivel end that goes on the vacuum head and the fixed one goes on the strainer end. I had it backwards so was getting an air leak and air bound filter. Just super customer service. So glad I have a Paquette pool."

Brian Chadwick

"Purchased a tub last spring. Good price, expert delivery and setup. Guys that know what they are taking about. Easy to do business with."

Melinda Osbourne

"Very informative seminar on opening your pool today. Thanks for getting us this valuable information."

Beth Thompson

"I bought a spa last month from another dealer and they haven't helped me at all with my water issues, I stopped by Paquette and they have been SO helpful and nice. They didn't have to help me but they sure went out of their way to do so. Thank you! I will buy all my chemicals from them from now on."


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