Paquette Family Photo
The Paquette Family: From Left to right: Calen, Phil, Bud, Jenna, Phil, Eric and Kevin

Bud and Phil Paquette are the third generation to own and operate the Paquette business and have been doing so for over thirty years. Joined by five of their children who are now the fourth generation; Bud, Phil, and the entire Paquette family are dedicated to offering the highest quality swimming pool construction and service as well as related products in the region.


Paquette Pools & Spas is a fourth generation, family owned and operated swimming pool construction and retail operation. Started in 1923 by Phil Paquette, the then Paquette Construction Company built commercial structures such as bridges and institutional buildings. Later, Paquette Construction became Paquette Homes and Construction building quality residences recognized as some of Manchester and the surrounding areas best built homes. To this day, when a home built by the Paquettes is advertised for sale, the ad will often include a statement that the home is a Paquette house, which is a testament to the quality of workmanship and overall construction that it maintains today.

In 1957, Gerry Paquette, son of founder Phil Paquette, wanted a swimming pool at his home. The very first “Paquette Pool” was built in Gerry Paquette’s yard. Paquette Homes and Construction branched out to include in-ground swimming pools as part of its business.

In the nineties, the Paquettes decided to focus on building and servicing quality in-ground swimming pools. In conjunction with the in-ground pools, a beautiful showroom was established in Hooksett to sell swimming pool accessories including spas, chemicals, and outdoor furniture. It was then that Paquette Homes and Construction became Paquette Pools & Spas, a name it still maintains today.

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight - Patrick
Patrick McEwen
Employee Spotlight - Kristine
Kristine Blanchard

Patrick and Kristine have a vast knowledge in swimming pools, specializing in chemistry, repairs and parts for pool equipment. They also have in-depth experience with spas, above ground and inground pools. Patrick and Kristine are both Certified Pool Operators that also have years of experience with in-field pool care.

Bud Paquette, President, with 59 years of experience

Phil Paquette, Vice President, with 57 years of experience

Calen Paquette, Service Manager, with 28 years of experience in the pool industry

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Eric Paquette, Inground pool sales, with 27 years of experience in the pool industry

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Phil Paquette, Inground pool installations, with 27 years of experience in the pool industry

Jenna Paquette, Store Manager, with 26 years of experience in the pool industry

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Kevin Paquette, Inground liner installation, with 22 years of experience in the pool industry

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Patrick McEwen, Assistant Store Manager, above ground sales lead, with 27 years of experience in the pool industry

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Kristine Blanchard, Assistant Store Manager, spa and furniture sales lead, with 13 years of experience in the pool industry

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